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Living In The
Leaving The
Hoping To
   Find A
Meant For

Susan Known As Heart. I'm a 31 White Lesbian.
I'm 5'6 Brown Wavy Hair  And Have Blue Eyes
Like The Ocean. I weigh 160 Pounds Which
Would Be Average Built. I'm A Smoker And A
Ice Tea Drinker. I Love Many Different Foods. I
Would Say My Favorite Is Chinese. I Love Many
Of Music But, Don't Care Much For Rap. I Would
Say Melissa Etheridge Is My Favorite Music Artist.
I Love Animals I Have Two Cats And Gerbials. They
Make Me Laugh At Times The Way They Play Together.
I Believe Honesty Speaks For Its Self. Like I Have Spoke
About With Myself. So If You Can't Be Honest With Your
Self. And With Me Don't Bother With Me. I'm Not Into Any
Mind Games Or Being Played For A Fool. I Been There And
I Got Hurt. If You Are A Male Please Don't Waste Your Time
Or Mine Because, I'm Not Interested. I'm Happy And Complete
With My Lifestyle The Way It Is!!!
I Want A Love To Last For The Rest Of My Life  
And Beyond. Yes, I'm A Romantic And I Believe
I Will Find The Love Of My Life. My Ideal Woman
Is Secure With Who She Is, Has Some Similar
Interests As Me. She Has To Be Honest, Not
Into Mind Games, My Best Friend As Well As
My Lover. She Knows That Relationships Take
A Lot Of Work To Build, But If Built Right They
Have There Rewards. She Knows That To Love
Someone Is To Love Them For Who They Are
And To Except Them Unconditional Because,
Thats A Good Start For A Healthy And Good
Relationship. If You Can't Have A Relationship
At Least You Have Built A Strong Friendship
With One Another.
My Own Favorite
Quote Is:
"Your Attitude Is Like The Candy Skittles
It Makes Your World Like A Rainbow."
Cheers To All You Sexy
Lesbians Out There!!!!!!!

Ladies This Dance Floor Is Never Closed
I'm Harmless Grrr...
Just A Pussycat
Chasing Women
I'M  S  C  A  R  E  D
Meet Harry The Bear
Watch Him Closely!!!


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