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Anger As An Ordinary Part Of Life

We have covered all of the signs with recognizing and dealing with your anger.

There are also many outlets one can use to discharge anger in a positive way. Using outlets to manage that rage inside you or the people you know is very personal. When you are angry, the most important decision you will ever make in your life is what you do with your rage.

  1. I am going to hurt that person, for what they did.
  2. I am going to look for an outlet, to deal with my rage.

If you choose 1. You must consider the drawbacks.

  1. Will this solve the problem?
  2. You may go too far.
  3. You may hurt someone.
  4. You may change your mind later.
  5. How you may feel afterwards.
  6. You may decide that number 2 sounds better.

Why number 2?

It is part of you. Your personal interests. You will feel better afterwards.

What is an outlet?

Your outlet is a personal action to vent your rage on something as opposed to taking it out on a human being or an animal, before you lose control.

The list that works for you can be endless;

The outlet can be anything along these lines that works for you. Use what works, without hurting anybody, until the rage has calmed. Then you have succeeded.

It is your personal answer.

  1. Recognize your anger cues
  2. Use an outlet
  3. Experience your anger
  4. Express what triggers it

As you become more familiar with experiencing your anger, it can become a part of everyday life. When it's not so pent up, it stops being a dangerous monster and takes its place as one of many feelings. I'm learning that I can let people know when I'm angry without it being a terrible thing. I can say,

"No, that upsets me."

I am now able to say that, without feeling like the world is going to come to an end.

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If anyone would like to share with others about problems with anger and some of the ways one can cope with this emotion, feel free to sign my guest book. This is how we can help one another with different coping skills. Do you have any other opinions about this topic? What answers do you have?

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