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Tunnel of Fear



It helps to name your fears. Naming these fearful things gives them less of a hold. One person, who suffered from continual depression and immobility, made a list of what they would have to face in life to actually heal. The list was extensive. A fearful person would have to face the possibility of success, or failure, in their career. That person may have to risk greater intimacy with their lover. They have to stop blaming their family for problems and give up their false image of being a (loser). They will have to lose their identity as a sick person, as a victim. This individual has to learn to deal with their real feelings instead of masking them with hopelessness and anxiety. They have to attract people on their own merits, not because they feel sorry for them. When that person looks over their list, then they can see why they are afraid.

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Fear Doesn't Have To Stop You

Often fear accompanies the unfamiliar and exciting leaps we take in life. It's the feeling that makes your knees shake the first time you sing in public, when you confront the person who abused you, or when you apply for a job you really want. When you do something new and challenging, you need that energy! It's the adrenaline!

Often people feel this kind of fear when they are taking absolutely the right steps for themselves. Fear doesn't have to stop you. Even if you're afraid, you can still go ahead and make the changes you want. Just do it anyway! Do it when you are afraid! Do it when you are nervous! Do it when you feel awkward! Bite the bullet and shake the sweat, even if you are not graceful or composed! Just do it! You may find yourself being a winner!

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If anyone would like to share with others about problems with fear and some of the ways one can cope with this emotion, feel free to sign my guest book. This is how we can help one another with different coping skills. Do you have any other opinions about this topic? What answers do you have?

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